Has CBS changed its policy regarding sideline reporters for NFL games? Wolfson to work Broncos-Giants

Last week, Tracy Wolfson worked as a sideline reporter for CBS’ coverage of the New England-Buffalo game. This week, after reporting from the sidelines for the Alabama-Texas A&M game, Wolfson will hop on a plane to work Sunday’s Denver-New York Giants game.

Is this a change in approach for CBS? The network hasn’t used sideline reporters for regular-season NFL games in recent years.

“It’ll be week to week,” Wolfson said. “If it’s a big NFL game, and there’s a reason for me to be there, we’ll make the effort to make that happen. I can get to Atlanta easily (from a Saturday SEC game). If there’s a Saints game and I’m at LSU, I can get there. If the schedule works, I think you’ll see us utilize me in that role if it is possible.

“Potentially, later on in the season, when our SEC games are over, if there’s a need for a reporter, I can fill that role as well.”

As a sideline reporter, Wolfson obviously is an advocate of CBS using her services and others for regular-season NFL games. Last April, in an interview with me, she said:

“You have access down there. You can see things that you don’t necessarily get from a PR person. In college you can hear things. You have relationships where you can get information.

“It’s great to hear from a coach. It always brings to life the emotions, especially in tight games or when upsets are happening. I think that access is huge.”

As for this weekend, Wolfson is looking forward to the biggest game in college football on Saturday followed by the biggest NFL game Sunday.

“It’s a sports fan’s dream,” Wolfson said. “Logistically, we get back from A&M in the morning. It’s a 4 p.m. start on Sunday. I live in the New York area. So it does allow me to go from one to the other.

“It’s a little challenging not to be in on those meetings on Saturday with the NFL teams. It’s also preparing for two games in the same week, which always is difficult as well. I’ll focus on both of them at the same time. I’ll cover A&M-Alabama and hopefully the airlines allow me to get there on time on Sunday.”



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