HBO’s Real Sports addresses concussion issue in college football

Much has been made of the concussion situation in the NFL. Yet the more signficant problems could be taking place in college football and lower levels of the game.

Tonight, HBO’s Real Sports (10 p.m. ET) has a sobering report from Bernard Goldberg.

From the report:

DEREK OWENS, WHO PLAYED AT CENTRAL ARKANSAS:   “You’re in shoulder pads and helmet, literally, every day except for the day before the game .”

BERNIE GOLDBERG: “You’re takin’ hits three or four times a week? You were having more contact practices than the guys in the pros do.”

DEREK OWENS:   “Uh-huh.”

DOMONIQUE FOXWORTH:  “I think that it’s more difficult to be a college football player in this day and age than it is to be an NFL player.”


DOMONIQUE FOXWORTH: “ The amounts of hits.”

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