Headlines: Jeannie Buss can’t see Lakers games on Time-Warner; a day with Chris Russo; Now SVP & Russillo show

Making the rounds as fall to starts to settle in. It was 80 Thursday; 45 as I write this now.


Jeanie Buss can’t watch the Lakers games on Time Warner. Tom Hoffarth reports.

Is there a GQ cover jinx? It hasn’t work out so well for Tom Brady and Tim Tebow. From LZ Granderson at ESPN.com.

A day in the life of Chris Russo. Newsday’s Neil Best reports.

Ryan Russillo gets on the bill. Afternoon program now is the SVP & Rusillo. ESPN.com reports.

All-time high 30 for 30 rating for Broke. TVbytheNumbers has the number.

BTN documentary focuses incredible story of women rower. Robert Feder of Time Out Chicago reports.

Eric Deggans of the National Sports Journalism Center writes how sports talk has invaded political talk on radio.

Romenesko.com talks to the author of the story on the Bleacher Report that has caused quite a stir.









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