Headlines: New First Take host; Leafs GM slams ESPN; Scalabrine to call Celtics games; Dr. J book in the works

Chris Berman called an NFL game last night and Twitter didn’t explode. Interesting.

Now for the headlines…:

The Big Lead reports the new First Take host will be Cari Champion. Hopefully, she knows she has to work between Skip Bayless and Stephen A.

The Toronto Maple Leafs GM isn’t happy about ESPN The Magazine ranking its franchise the worst in sports.

Brian Scalabrine retires; to call Celtics games. Won’t be long before he goes national. He’ll be great.

Here’s the playlist for the Rolling Stones on Monday Night Football.

A Dr. J autobiography is in the works. It will be co-written by Phil Taylor.

The Big 12 makes its debut on Fox on Sept. 22. Kansas State at Oklahoma State.

A really stupid idea. Proposed Paterno movie in the works, starring Al Pacino. I’ll pass.

A reviewer liked Fox’s new documentary series on Liverpool football.

The new Pac 12 Network and Dish have a deal.

Praise in Baltimore for Tirico, Gruden and ESPN MNF.





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