Heated message: Bob Costas quotes from Jason Whitlock column in an anti-gun commentary

Bob Costas usually doesn’t need help in writing his halftime commentary for NBC’s Sunday Night Football.

However, last night he quoted heavily from Jason Whitlock’s column in Fox Sports. Whitlock wrote that handguns should be banned in the wake of the tragic events in Kansas City over the weekend.

Costas went with the same theme. Interestingly, he used Whitlock’s words to help carry his message. Costas even prefaced his statement that he doesn’t always agree with the columnist.

Predictably, the gun supporters railed on Costas. There was this tweet from Ted Nugent.

Hey Bob Costas we all kno that obesity is a direct result of the proliferation of spoons & forks Get a clue

Deadspin’s Sean Newell was outraged. The headline to his piece read: “Here Is Bob Costas’s Sanctimonious, Horseshit Editorial On Jovan Belcher”

Newell wrote:

Bob Costas got on his phone books and condescended to a national audience about perspective—a glorified sports columnist editorialized on the Second Amendment during a fucking football game while pitting himself against those without perspective. It is so laughably out of touch it almost has to be satire.

That’s a pretty extreme reaction, even for Deadspin.

SI.com’s Richard Deitsch wrote:

One thing is certain: I don’t think any other NBC Sports employee would have  been granted the editorial freedom on such a hot-button topic.

I think any time somebody wants to have a discussion about guns, it’s OK by me. And Mr. Nugent, that woman in Kansas City wasn’t killed by a spoon and fork. Her life ended because of a gun.

Care to discuss?




3 thoughts on “Heated message: Bob Costas quotes from Jason Whitlock column in an anti-gun commentary

  1. While nobody was killed with a fork or spoon there have plenty of people killed with knives. Should we outlaw knives and punish the good innocent people who use their knives responsibly? Or maybe punish the murderers for what they are…criminals!

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