Hey Rovell, you need to get facts straight about Blackhawk rating for double OT game

Update: When the Hawks scored winning goal in OT, an estimated 843,000 homes in Chicago were watching.

Also, the game did a 37 share in Chicago. That means of the people who were watching TV last night, 37 percent–almost 2 out of 5–were tuned into the game.

Just adding a bit more “perspective” to Rovell’s tweet.


Among Darren Rovell’s blizzard of tweets Sunday was this one:

4 out of 5 people in the Chicagoland area did not watch the Blackhawks on TV last night.

The ESPN sports business reporter is a Twitter machine, sending a seemingly infinite stream of facts about his beat. This one, though, is totally out of context.

Restaurants were empty last night in Chicago because everyone was watching the double OT thriller. I should know. The place we went to (don’t get on me, previous commitment) usually is jammed on a Saturday night. But there were plenty of tables available.

Here’s the reason: Game 5 of the Chicago-Los Angeles series did a 19.6 local rating. That means an average of nearly 700,000 homes tuned in during the telecast.

And while I don’t have the exact number, I’m betting the local rating was deep into the 20s during the two overtimes. Those are numbers usually are reserved for the Bears in this town.

And let’s not forget, it was a Saturday night. I’m sure the bars were jammed with happy Blackhawks fans.

Furthermore, the 19.6 local rating was the highest for a non-Stanley Cup Final game in Chicago. Nationally, the game did a 2.9 overnight rating on NBC, the network’s highest ever for a conference final.

I’m not going to get into an analysis of how the ratings work, but those numbers are huge. To suggest nobody cared in Chicago is flat-out wrong.

C’mon Darren, you know better.




6 thoughts on “Hey Rovell, you need to get facts straight about Blackhawk rating for double OT game

  1. No, he really does not know better. He’s just a troll, that has little, or any journalistic credibility. That number also does not include the 20,000 Chicagoans that were in the building.

  2. You’re right, Ed. The game did extremely well in Chicago, and those 843,000 homes watching the game-winning goal translates into 2.1 million viewers.

    Remember after owner Bill Wirtz died in 2007, the Hawks managed to get a few games on Comcast Chicago (it had few openings to fit in hockey), and averaged a paltry 0.41 rating (14,350 homes, or about 36,000 viewers).


  3. Out of curiosity, what was the local market rating for Los Angeles for this game? Ive been trying to find it, to no avail…

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