How hard is it to talk? Stiffing the media costs Marshawn Lynch $100,000

Here’s the NFL’s rule on its media policy:

“Star players, or other players with unusually heavy media demands, must be available to the media that regularly cover their teams at least once during the practice week in addition to their required postgame media availability.”

According Ed Werder’s story on, Marshawn Lynch, who doesn’t like dealing with the media, had been warned his wallet could be a bit lighter if he blew off the press again.

Lynch was warned by league officials last week that he was subject to the fine if he didn’t talk to the media after Sunday’s game. It is Lynch’s third fine for violations of the media policy.

And there was this:

Lynch also was asked about the team setting the franchise rushing record two weeks ago (350 yards against the New York Giants), but only responded with statements about rap singers he likes.

Is it really that hard to answer a few questions after a game? Maybe it’s much easier to be a jerk.


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