How is it possible that Roger Angell isn’t member of Baseball Writers Association?

It seems incredible that one of the best baseball writers of all time isn’t a member of the BBWA. And that means Roger Angell also doesn’t have a Hall of Fame vote.

“I was hoping to be a member for many years, but it never seemed to be within reach,” Angell said yesterday after receiving the J.G. Spink Award, the highest honor given by the Hall of Fame to a baseball writer.

Angell, 93, wasn’t complaining. That wouldn’t be his style. Rather, he was pointing out that he just wants to be a member of the club.

Yes, Angell isn’t a daily baseball writer or a columnist for a newspaper and website. But surely the magnitude of his writing on baseball merits his inclusion in the BBWA. Obviously, the rules needed to be adjusted a long time ago to get Angell in. If anyone should be voting for the Hall of Fame, it is Angell.

At least, the writers corrected a huge oversight by voting Angell for the Spink Award. This is an honor that is beyond long overdue.

In a story by Barry Bloom of, Angell expressed surprised about how much it means to him.

“It’s a great day — for me, if not for baseball,” he said. “I was surprised to find out how much secretly I had hoped this would happen because I was very moved, startled and extremely pleased. I thought it would never happen because I’m not a member of the [BBWAA]. I’m very, very happy and I’m stunned. Old friends and idols have won this award. It’s a great honor.”

Asked if he will be there in July to accept the award, Angell didn’t miss a beat.

“Absolutely,” he said. “Cooperstown in the middle of summer is great and to be there with those three great managers … I got oceans of copy from those guys and I’m friends with every one of them, so I can hardly wait to be there, shake their hands and congratulate them.”

Hopefully, when Angell arrives in Cooperstown, he will be a card-carrying member of the BBWA.

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