How newspapers barely mentioned Babe Ruth’s first home run

Today marks the 100th anniversary of Jack Warhop earning his slice of baseball history.

On May 6, 1915, Warhop became forever known as the pitcher who gave up Babe Ruth’s first Major League home run.

Ruth, a 20-year old pitcher for the Red Sox, connected in the third inning of a Yankees-Red Sox game in the Polo Grounds. It wouldn’t be his last.

Ruth’s subsequent homers received much more fanfare and one in particular, “The Called Shot,” was the subject of a very fine book (not-so-subtle plug).

However, Ian Denomme of Yahoo! Sports notes that Ruth’s first homer went largely unnoticed in the newspapers. There will be much more of a fuss for Kris Bryant’s first homer.

The New York Times reported Ruth homered with “no apparent effort.” The writer Damon Runyon, covering baseball for the New York American, gave his take: “Ruth knocked the slant out of one of Jack Warhop’s underhanded subterfuges.” 

Subterfuges? Yes, they don’t write like that anymore.


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