In Jeremy we trust: ESPN’s Schaap now part of story by saying Te’o is ‘credible’

Let’s keep in mind the Manti Te’o story centers around some incredibly cruel and twisted people and an incredibly naive football player. Maybe I’m naive, but I still have a hard time believing there are people out there who find sport in deceiving a person in this way. It really makes me feel bad about society.

Did Jeremy Schaap’s interview with Te’o on the late SportsCenter last night slow down the train a bit? Perhaps.

For Schaap to say the Notre Dame linebacker came off as “credible” is beyond huge. It carries a lot of weight for one of the most respected journalists to maintain that Te’o passed the bullshit test in his eyes.

In a way, Schaap now is part of the story as the only journalist to gain access to Te’o. He has become our eyes and ears. If Schaap says Te’o is credible, the majority of us will feel the same way.

It is interesting to note that Te’o’s handlers didn’t let him appear on camera for the interview. In retrospect, that appears to be a good move. It seems to have allowed the conversation to be more informal. A kitchen-table talk, if you will. It took away the pressure of Te’o having to be conscious of himself in front of a camera, although that day will come soon.

The sound bites that were released were pretty convincing. Maybe Te’o really was that naive.

For more, here’s the reaction from Deadspin.

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One thought on “In Jeremy we trust: ESPN’s Schaap now part of story by saying Te’o is ‘credible’

  1. Nobody is that naive. Especially not an athlete who has had people try to get close to him because of his talents since he’s been elementary school. Te’o is playing Schaap, and Schaap is playing all of us by saying he finds this nonsense credible.

    And for somebody who was so “naive,” Te’o knew enough not to give her his checking account information. Yet he still kept up a relationship with her? C’mon, son.

    Te’o is going to play the “naive” card for all its worth, because the only other explanation (and the more credible one) is the “liar” card. And if Te’o is this dumb, the NCAA better look into seeing what rules ND bended to keep the dumbest person in history in school.

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