Is Gus Johnson on World Cup same as Chris Berman on U.S. Open?

Really, I can’t think of a better comparison. Like Chris Berman at the U.S. Open, Gus Johnson would appear to be totally out of his element calling a sport to scores of passionate and discerning fans.

However, the big difference is that I don’t know of one golf fan who likes Berman on the U.S. Open. He is an assault on our golf senses. Yet ESPN keeps thrusting him on us every year. Why, ESPN, why?

As for Johnson (favorite clip above because I was at the game), there appears to be a segment of fans who are open to the idea of him becoming the American voice for soccer. Even Rob Stone, who is far more identified with calling soccer for Fox, took the high road. He had the following tweet:

@RobStoneONFOX Huge @FOXSoccer welcome to @gusjohnson . Another massive addition for our sport.

However, there are plenty of soccer fans who are aghast at the idea of the highly excitable Johnson intruding into the biggest games of soccer. Clearly, this move will be very polarizing as evidenced by the response from fans on Twitter.

Here’s a sample:

jlmears: Sorry soccer, even Gus Johnson won’t make you exciting. #hater

jocoolwu I love Gus Johnson doing NFL/NCAA. This is dumbest idea ever – Gus Johnson groomed as voice of World Cup by Fox

jakesundstrom America is doing its best to ruin the World Cup by making Gus Johnson call games

SmothersFC Gus Johnson is going to be great for the 2018 World Cup

jmh0628 Not a Gus Johnson guy but I give him a lot of respect for not only calling soccer games but playing to better learn it, as well.

DanielSquizzato Picturing Gus Johnson calling a World Cup game… “RONALDO DOWN THE SIDELINE CAN THEY CATCH HIM WOWWWW”

KoreAmBear Gus Johnson note to self: “don’t say point guard, don’t say point guard, don’t say point guard.”

stmorway If one thing could get into into watching soccer, this might be it.

brennanrees guess I’ll be returning to days of watching World Cup en Espanol.

THowwwwse Don’t get me wrong, Gus Johnson is a fine commentator but he does not belong in the booth for soccer

mBowen31 Gus Johnson commentating the 2018 world cup is nothing short of a disgrace to the game

Erik_Sweet not to be outdone, ESPN has put together the broadcast team of Colicky Baby and Spoon Caught In The Sink Disposal…

epltalk Really disappointed with FOX Soccer’s decision to make Gus Johnson the voice of its coverage. Feels like they jumped the shark

pourmecoffee You’re about to wet your pants over a 0-0 tie.

lmechegaray I am a Brit who has lived in NYC for 10 years now. And I support you 100%!! Can’t wait to hear you say…messi!!! Cold-blooded!


And your views? Let me know.



2 thoughts on “Is Gus Johnson on World Cup same as Chris Berman on U.S. Open?

  1. I’m willing to give Gus a shot. Yes, I’m apprehensive, and I think announcers like Martin Tyler, Ian Darke and Jon Champion not only understand the game, they know the history. More important, they understand the rhythm (in much the same way that Vin Scully knows the rhythm of baseball).

    OTOH, I’ve always thought Gus allowed his voice to rise to the level of excitement that marks the best soccer announcers. (Easy to imagine him with the call – Rooneeeey – goaaaaal!)

    We’ll find out soon enough with the BPL and Champions League matches he’s going to call this year. It might not work, but I’m ready to give a listen and make up my mind after that.

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