Jimmy Johnson rips Cowboys on Fox; ESPN analysts agree

This is a rarity. It isn’t often that the analyst for one NFL pregame show becomes fodder for analysts on another pregame show.

On Fox NFL Sunday, Johnson fingered his old boss for the problems with the Cowboys.

This is bigger than coaching. Underachievers – that’s what we’ve called them for years. The Cowboys have one playoff win in 16 years regardless of who was coaching. The players answer to Jerry Jones, not the head coach. The players are put up on a pedestal before they ever win a game. As a head coach, it’s a chore to keep these players focused, keep their feet on the ground and keep them hunger because there’s no fear.”

Johnson made a similar comment in a Fox Sports release earlier in the week, saying the Cowboys were “a country club.” It made for good talk for Mike Ditka, Cris Carter and Keyshawn Johnson ESPN’s Sunday NFL Countdown.

Ditka: You get what you tolerate. I mean, right now they’ve created an atmosphere in Dallas which reminds everybody of a country club. You know, it’s a whole different thing right now. Football… it’s a down-to-earth-sport. I mean, you gotta practice a certain way to play the game the right way. You don’t see any of this anymore. I mean, to me, what Jimmy’s saying is right. Come on. Get tough, guys.

Carter:Success in the NFL is based on winning playoff games. Okay guys, they have won one playoff game, right, in the last 15 years, so they have not been successful. Check this out: the only teams that have not won a playoff game, alright, the Chiefs, the Bengals, Lions, Bills and Browns. Alright. They’ve won zero playoff games over that period of time. So the only teams that they’ve been more successful than are those teams right there. So, for me, they are a soft football team, and they need to get a lot tougher.

Johnson: When you talk about fear, I played in Dallas and I played under Bill Parcells, and I witnessed a heated exchanged between the owner and the head coach before. And Jerry Jones walked away from that exchange with his head down. Wasn’t pleasant at all. In front of the team. And that’s because everybody knew that Bill was in change, so the players act accordingly. And that’s not the case with Jason Garrett.





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