Joe Posnanski leaves Sports on Earth for NBC

Joe Posnanski’s wild ride continues.

According to Jason McIntyre of Big Lead, Posnanski is leaving Sports on Earth to join NBC Sports.

From the post:

I spoke with Posnanski Monday by phone as he struggled with the decision to stay or go, and he tells me via text message this morning, “Rough call … yes, going to NBC. Sad to leave, excited about the opportunity.”

Posnanski told McIntyre he will be “a digital voice” for NBC.

Why did Posnanski leave Sports on Earth so quickly? He was the signature hire for the new site founded by USA Today and MLB. For that matter, why did he leave Sports Illustrated? I still think the magazine gave him the best platform to do what he does best: write.

More answers to come, I guess.

Within the last year, Posnanski has left SI; published a controversial book on Joe Paterno; and is on the move again.

Quite a year for a sportswriter.


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