Judge Judy over Tiger? Several local CBS affiliates pass on golf tournament

Apparently, not everyone bought into CBS’ decision to air the final holes of the Farmers Insurance Open on the network this afternoon. Despite Tiger Woods romping to victory, several local affiliates passed on golf, opting for their regularly-scheduled programming.

I’m watching golf on CBS2 in Chicago. But other folks aren’t as fortunate.

According to people responding to my tweet, Tiger isn’t on the main CBS channels in Atlanta, Orlando, Providence, Phoenix, Kalamazoo, to name a few.

Some sample tweets:

Albany, NY has it on digital channel. DirecTV does not get the digital channel. Ellen must be popular.

Orlando WKMG CBS 6 passed… Watching on PGA Tour iPad app

Atlanta passed. Bullshit

In some cases, the golf is being shown on the affiliate’s sister or HD channels. However, not everyone gets those channels, as evidenced by the tweeter in Albany. And apparently, there is some confusion. Many people didn’t stick around long enough to get the message to go elsewhere, judging from the tweets.

CBS officials are in full Super Bowl mode in New Orleans and haven’t gotten back to me for a comment.

Obviously, the network is going to hear from plenty of angry golf fans. Then again, if those local affiliates showed golf, they probably would be hearing from angry Ellen and Judge Judy fans.

Next time: Probably best to show entire Monday finale on Golf Channel if a network can’t get clearance from all of its affiliates.

Note: The tournament is being streamed live at CBSSports.com.



One thought on “Judge Judy over Tiger? Several local CBS affiliates pass on golf tournament

  1. Honestly, I can’t imagine CBS even opting to pick up some of the golf if they don’t make it “MUST CARRY” to 200+ of their affiliates. Some of them don’t pick up the U.S. Open Men’s final during five consecutive years (and counting) of Monday finishes.

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