Keith Olbermann: Please save the outrage for your show

It was going so well. And this was so unnecessary.

Yet perhaps it was inevitable.

As readers of this space know, I am a big Keith Olbermann fan. Part of his brilliance comes from an ability to summon outrage like nobody else in the business. Pity those who become the target of his wrath. Complete obliteration.

Unfortunately, Olbermann feels the same need to confront people who troll him on Twitter. If you follow his feed, you know his retorts can get fairly personal.

Monday, Olbermann went over the line with a series of tweets regarding Penn State. ESPN sent him to the sidelines for the rest of the week.

Clearly, the network wanted to send Olbermann a message. Hopefully, he got it.

Olbermann needs to confine his outrage to his television show. Forget about Twitter. It isn’t worth blowing his second opportunity at ESPN over some tweets.



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