Keith Olbermann wants ending like the good Scrooge

Only Olbermann could come up with this thought. Also, allows me to use a picture of Scrooge in September.

From Reeves Wiedeman’s piece in the New Yorker:

“I’d like to change the ending,” he went on. “Not change it by papering it over, or by rewriting a Wikipedia page, but, literally, by having people react to me like I’m Scrooge on Christmas morning, rather than Scrooge kicking Tiny Tim down the stairs for no reason.”

After a week plus a day, Olbermann definitely is off to a good start. While I strongly disagreed with his opening night rant on sports reporting, he has done some outstanding stuff.

It all has been a great reminder of Olbermann’s unique talent and what we had been missing.

Also, I’m sure Olbermann is looking forward to ESPN completing its coverage of the U.S. Open so the show can resume its normal 11 p.m. slot.



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