Larry King, yes Larry King, to fill in for Olbermann

Talk about a change in gears.

While Keith Olbermann goes to TBS to host its studio show for the MLB playoffs, Larry King will serve as guest host Tuesday through Thursday of next week.

Should we expect King to do an opening rant on Walter O’Malley for moving his beloved Brooklyn Dodgers to LA?

Will he take calls? “Yes, Topeka, hello…”

At 79, King is a kid compared to the 82-year-old Regis Philbin.

New ESPN slogan: Even our old guys are younger than Fox Sports 1.

Jeremy Schaap and Colin Cowherd also will be filling in for Olbermann.

Here’s the official rundown from ESPN:


Television icon Larry King (Larry King Now) will guest host ESPN2’s late night show Olbermann from October 1-3, when Keith Olbermann will be taking a temporary leave from the show to host the MLB postseason studio show on TBS.  King will be hosting Olbermann for the three-night run live at 11 p.m. (time may shift depending on live events) from the show’s Times Square studios in New York City.  Additionally, King is scheduled to make a guest appearance on Olbermann this Friday, September 27.

“Olbermann is designed specifically around Keith’s one-of-a-kind personality so having a guest host like Larry, who can deliver a similar level of editorial expertise and intellectual commentary to entertain sports fans, fits the bill perfectly,” said Norby Williamson, executive vice president, programming and acquisitions.  “Larry is so popular and well-known to television viewers but being able to bring them his unique perspective on sports topics is a new twist and we’re excited to have him.”

“I am a great admirer of Keith Olbermann who I think is the quintessential sports host,” said King.  “Sports have always been my avocation – they’re part of my being.  Having the chance to come back to my hometown of New York and host Keith’s show for several days is a terrific joy for me and a return to my first love.”

Following King, Jeremy Schaap will guest host the program on October 8-10, followed by Colin Cowherd who will guest host from October 15-17.  Olbermann will leave the show on September 30 and return on October 21.

“Both Jeremy and Colin have distinctive personalities and points of view that will bring a different perspective to the program while Keith is away,” said Jamie Horowitz, vp of original programming and production.  “While we’ll certainly miss Keith in the coming weeks, we’re also looking forward to producing some fun and entertaining shows for sports fans with our guest hosts.”

Larry King Now is King’s first-ever web series, primarily featuring one-on-one interviews with some of the day’s most fascinating newsmakers, celebrities, world leaders and internet stars.  The series launched in July 2012 and can be found on Hulu and Ora.TV.

Jeremy Schaap is a correspondent for E:60, the host of ESPN Radio’s The Sporting Life and a frequent contributor to Outside the Lines, NFL Countdown and College Gameday. His reports, interviews and commentaries are regularly featured on SportsCenter.

Colin Cowherd is host of ESPN Radio’s The Herd with Colin Cowherd, broadcast nationally 10 a.m.-1 p.m. ET Monday-Friday and also host of Colin’s New Football Show which puts his unique take on football and irreverent view of life on full display every Sunday morning at 9 a.m. ET on ESPN2.  Cowherd was previously co-host of SportsNation.





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  1. King and Schaap will be an interesting diversion. As far as Cowherd he is an arrogant, self promoting fool. I won’t be tuning in on those evenings.

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