Latest 30 for 30 short: The mystery of Honus Wagner card; Olbermann: ‘Mona Lisa quality’

Very interesting film examining the history of the famous card. It features Keith Olbermann, who manages to slide the concept of a mohel (the Rabbi who performs circumcisions) into the discussion. Fairly sure that has to be a first.

Here’s the link and the official write-up from ESPN:

The T206 Honus Wagner is the most famous baseball card in the world.  Bought and sold many times over, the card has now appreciated to nearly three million dollars but some in the card industry believe this gem may have been doctored.  From mere speculation, the accusations of alteration have risen all the way to federal indictments.  In this 30 for 30 Short, directed by Nick and Colin Barnicle, baseball card experts and enthusiasts including Keith Olbermann, Michael O’Keeffe, David Hall and Matt Federgreen discuss the history of this iconic card.

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