LeBron and Stephen Curry: How do they rate on dealing with media?

Richard Deitsch did an interesting Q/A with NBA writers on the eve of the Cleveland-Golden State series. Among the many questions was this one: “Which players are the most media friendly and why?”

No Marshawn Lynchs in this series. The writers had high marks for both teams, including their superstars.

Howard Beck: Stephen Curry is just an incredibly gracious and grounded individual, and has been since he entered the league. Always patient with the media, and he truly aims to give a thoughtful answer to every question. (Which isn’t always easy, of course; we ask some pretty stupid questions at times.) Really, the Warriors might be one of the most media-friendly teams in the league. Andrew Bogut is a great, candid and often entertaining interview. Shaun LivingstonAndre Iguodala and David Lee are all smart veterans who are generous with their time and thoughts. It helps that the Warriors also have one of the best p.r. staffs in the league, headed by Raymond Ridder.

Frank Isola: The Warriors all seem like class guys but to me the most fascinating guy is LeBron, because he has the uncanny ability to make himself the story. It wasn’t enough that he hit the big shot against Chicago in Game 4. He had to tell everyone that DavidBlatt wanted him to inbound the ball but LeBron had to “scratch that.” When Matthew Dellavedova had the big Game 6, LeBron said his presence helps his teammates do “supernatural” things. He could write a “How To” book on dominating the podium interview.

Brian Maloney: We’re lucky in this series in that the two biggest stars are excellent with the media. LeBron and Curry were both finalists for our Professional Basketball Writers Association’s Magic Johnson Award (won by Pau Gasol) that goes to a player who best combines his excellence on the court with cooperation with the media. I’ve enjoyed spending multiple summers around both covering USA Basketball, and the way Stephen handled his explosion in popularity this season was really impressive.

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