Let’s not forget the copy editors who also are leaving their jobs

As I noted previously, there have numerous veteran journalists leaving their jobs due to cut backs in the industry. It seems like every day there’s another farewell column from a departing writer.

Alan Sutton, who had a long career as a writer and editor at the Chicago Tribune, did a Facebook post that bears mentioning here:

Re: all the Tribune I’m-saying-bye-bye essays. It’s nice that reporters get to do this — to relive the highlights (and lowlights?) of their careers. But I’d love to read the tales of what some editors — from the ones on the copy desks to the assistant MEs — have to say about what really goes on during 35-40 years in a newsroom.

Indeed, my salutations also go out to them too. Many of them saved my butt back then, and the current copy editors still do it for me today. For that, I always will be grateful.


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