Long road back: Baltimore Sun editor heartened by support after suffering brutal attack

Jonathan Fogg starts an entry in his new blog: “One week ago tonight, my life changed forever.”

Fogg, who works on the Baltimore Sun sports desk, was attacked during a robbery. From Pamela Wood’s story:

Jonathan Fogg, 30, was returning home from work at about 1:40 a.m. Jan. 14 when he was attacked, police said. The assailant struck Fogg in the head with a brick. His injuries include skull fractures, gashes on his head, missing and damaged teeth and broken fingers.

The good news is that Fogg isn’t in this alone. Fogg’s family set up a site to help pay for the considerable treatment that won’t be covered by insurance. On the site, Melissa Fogg Castone writes about the wonderful outpouring of support thus far:

One week ago today, after a snap decision to try to seek out some good out of a horrific situation, I created this page. Since that time, almost 700 people have donated almost $27,000 to Jon’s recovery, and the story has been shared over 1,400 times via social media. Jon’s story has appeared on the ABC, CBS, and NBC news stations in Baltimore, in newspapers, and in online news sources. Never did our family think that our reach would extend this far, but we are so grateful to all of you that it did.
We have decided to raise the goal one last time: to $30,000. Preliminary estimates for Jon’s dental reconstructive work are $20,000 alone, so we hope to raise as much as we can. These donations will be used for Jon’s future medical/dental expenses as they relate to his injuries. If we meet the $30,000 goal, I can guarantee that we will still be as shocked as we have been with the entirety of this campaign. We will continue accepting donations above and beyond this point, but we will no longer raise the goal after tonight.

On his site, Fogg writes:

This guy (who has been arrested) didn’t know what he was messing with when he decided to go after me last week. He thought he was targeting one person, but what he failed to realize was that he was going after all of Baltimore. And Baltimore has always been known for defense. I’m proud of, and humbled by, your support.

It really shows the power of social media. Here’s hoping a speedy recovery and return to work soon for Jonathan.


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