Lupica says farewell to departed NY Daily News staffers; does not address his fate

Is Mike Lupica still writing for the New York Daily News? He did a column Saturday that closed with this passage.

-Finally today:

Friends of mine, some of the best I have ever had in the newspaper business and some of the best people with whom I have ever worked – and with whom I will ever work— left the Daily News this past week.

There are so many names, but at the top of the list are Teri Thompson, as truly great an editor as I have known in this business; and my Hall of Fame sidekick, Bill Madden; and Filip Bondy, of course, who takes his talent and his wit to whatever he does next.

I will miss them mightily, because they were all part of the beating heart of this place, for a long time.

You should miss them more.

As for whether NY Daily News readers will miss Lupica, stay tuned.


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