Make no mistake, Jay Mariotti won’t be writing for the Sun-Times

I think there’s a better chance of Lance Armstrong doing PR for USADA.

The only reason why the Chicago Sun-Times thing has come up relates to Jay Mariotti contributing a few guest columns for ChicagoSide, a relatively new sports site in Chicago.

The site is in the process of doing a content agreement with the Sun-Times. Select ChicagoSide pieces will appear in the paper.

So people began asking Mariotti today if that meant he could show up in the Sun-Times, via ChicagoSide.

Better chance that Lennay Kekua does PR for Lance Armstrong.

Mariotti writes in an email:

The Sun-Times, when I worked there, was a politically conflicted disgrace of a newspaper. The bosses cut deals and curried favor with people I had to cover as a Chicago sports columnist. They also failed to improve the Web site, a promise they made when I signed a contract extension in July 2008. I resigned in a cordial letter to the publisher two months later, after returning from the Beijing Olympics, and I handed back almost $1 million in wages. I don’t miss the place a bit.

I’ve written for Jon Eig (editor of ChicagoSide) as a way of helping his fun, new site and staying sharp as a writer. He asked me to contribute columns when the mood strikes me, and, if he wants, I’ll continue to do so on occasion for his site. I’m doing documentary work and writing books in L.A., and I’ve been meeting with major networks and sites about returning to the national sports media. My first book, “The System,” is available on, and it contains plenty of material about the Sun-Times.




2 thoughts on “Make no mistake, Jay Mariotti won’t be writing for the Sun-Times

  1. Thank God for small favors Jay. Please feel free to never work in Chicago again. The media, the fans and the teams are so much better off with you and your ego as far away as possible.

    It’s one thing for media types that you are working against to condemn you and your actions but when your own associates at the Sun-Times did it…that says a lot.

    Mark Liptak

  2. That’s ok Jay, keep up with the documentaries. The only columns you wrote that were of any interest were the ones you wrote about Jerry Reinsdorf. Other than that, I don’t think you know a thing about sports.

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