Michelle Beadle looks to be in line for morning show at NBC Sports Network

Just checked my cable guide for the morning listings on NBC Sports Network.

After its new highlights show, The Lights, the network’s daytime programming for Tuesday features a huge block of outdoors shows from 10 a.m.-3:30 p.m. ET

Nothing against hunting and fishing (actually, I have a lot against hunting), but NBC Sports Network isn’t going to compete with ESPN with that kind of programming.

That should change soon. Michelle Beadle looks to be in line for some sort of a morning show on NBC Sports Network.

Network president Jon Miller definitely wants to find a role for Beadle, who joined NBC in the spring. Her duties at Access Hollywood make mornings a likely fit for Beadle on NBCSN.

“We’re trying to find the right format for her,” Miller said. “She could be a perfect morning show for us. We’re talking with some other people she might work with. She’s really a talent. She’s looking to work more and we’re looking to put her to work. It’s only a matter of time before we come out with an announcement about a show with her.”

As for the rest of the network’s programming, Miller said he is pleased with the progress. Miller said The Lights soon will be expanded from two to three hours in the morning.

Wednesday, NFL Turning Point makes its season debut. Hosted by Dan Patrick, the show features analysis and behind-the-scenes video and audio from games. It was nominated for an Emmy last year.

“People are finding they want to do business with us, and we’re open for business,” Miller said. “We’re not looking to knock anyone out from No. 1 anytime soon. That’s not our goal right now. Our goal is to provide content driven, attractive sports programming that people will want to watch.”






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