Michelle Beadle on credential controversy: ‘Given a pass to leave an event that already had me feeling uneasy’

Michelle Beadle weighed in on her perspective of what happened via TwitLonger. Some excerpts:

I have to believe that my outspoken stance had something to do with my credential being pulled for the fight. Either that, or the world’s most uncanny coincidence occurred resulting in pulled credentials for at least 3 other members of the media (who also happened to speak out about DV.) The timing was interesting. First I was credentialed. Then I wasn’t. People have tried to dismiss the entire ordeal as a misunderstanding, but emails from network executives say otherwise. It turns out my access was reinstated late Friday night, but to no one’s knowledge. And by then, it was too late. After a week of various national figures bloviating about the greatness of Mayweather, from his prowess in the ring, to his life packed with cars, cash and opulence, I’d had enough. Those that pulled my credential were actually doing me a favor. I was given a pass to leave an event that already had me feeling uneasy and uncomfortable in my career choice.


My employers, ESPN and HBO have not once asked me to ‘keep quiet.’ I feel strongly about holding people accountable for their actions. I don’t want to ‘get over it,’ or ‘let it go.’ And yes, I’m aware that there are bad people across all sports that may not get the same coverage. But I’ve seen so many changes in not just what’s being reported, but in the reactions from the public. People are fed up. A lot, not all, but a lot of fans are tired of rooting for horrible human beings, who are allowed to continue to be horrible, so long as they’re winning. My voice is what I have, and I will continue to use it as best I can. 

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