Mushnick labels Marshall ‘a miscreant’; Says Showtime wrong for using him on Inside the NFL

New York Post columnist Phil Mushnick isn’t a big fan of Showtime’s “Inside the NFL” using Brandon Marshall as a regular analyst this year.

His Sunday column included an item that labeled the Bears receiver a “miscreant”:

“Rinse, lather, repeat: Since his rookie year with the Broncos in 2006, talented WR Brandon Marshall, now with the Bears, has relentlessly coveted and won extra on-field TV attention through unsportsmanlike, me-first, excessive demonstrations, not to mention extra off-field attention. Frequently arrested, he eventually earned a suspension for violating the NFL’s personal code of conduct.

“And that must explain why of all the active NFL players that Showtime/CBS’ “Inside the NFL” could this year choose as a regular player/panelist/analyst, the shot-callers chose Brandon Marshall.”

The assessment seems a bit harsh. While Marshall did have problems earlier in his career with Denver and Miami, he acknowledged in 2011 that he has been receiving treatment for borderline personality disorder. During his two Pro Bowl seasons with the Bears, his headlines have occurred on the field.

Showtime isn’t holding Marshall’s past problems against him. The network believes Marshall has plenty to say, and won’t be shy about saying it.

2 thoughts on “Mushnick labels Marshall ‘a miscreant’; Says Showtime wrong for using him on Inside the NFL

  1. I suspect if Showtime had decided to use one of the Giants or Jets “miscreants” (and they have a bunch) nothing would have been said.

    Typical New Yorker… what that media says I flush down my toilet and I hope Marshall does as well.

  2. Phil Mushnick is one of the sports writers that gives all Sports Writers a bad name and leaves a bad taste in the mouth of us who are unlucky enough to have to read his stupid and jealous comments.

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