Mushnick Sunday column not featured on Post’s sports site

Saw this tweet from Howard Bloom of Sports Business News:

Anyone notice that Phil Mushnick’s weekend New York Post column is NOT online?

Technically, Mushnick’s Sunday column is not posted on the main page of the Post’s sports site.  Mushnick did write a column Sunday, asking what would have happened if James Dolan hired New Jersey Devils GM Lou Lamoriello to run the Knicks way back when.

However, in order to find it on the Post’s site, you would have to go to Mushnick’s column page. Meanwhile, 10 other Post sports columnists (who doesn’t have a column at the Post?) are featured on the main page along with many, many other stories.

Yet not even a headline on the main page for Mushnick’s column.

Mushnick is under fire for writing in a Friday column that the Brooklyn Nets should change their name to the  “New York N——s” because they are co-owned by Jay-Z.

Now is it unusual for the Post not to include Mushnick among its roster of Sunday columnists? After all, he has a huge following, and there definitely would be room to add one more to the roll call.

Maybe there’s nothing to it. His column exists in its regular spot in the print edition.

However, if the Post was writing about this treatment for somebody else, it certainly would question, if not infer, whether the paper is trying to downplay Mushnick in the wake of Friday column. This is the Internet equivalent of being buried back with the classifieds.

Obviously, it made Bloom wonder. And perhaps Mushnick too.

Interestingly, Mushnick didn’t make any mention of the critical reaction he received in his Sunday column.








One thought on “Mushnick Sunday column not featured on Post’s sports site

  1. It is not that unusual for a Mushnick column link to not appear in the main page. I never miss his column and am glad his detractors have chosen to fight upon this ground. PM used a man’s own words, recorded for profit, against him. Now, if he misquoted the man, have at Phil.

    I am happy that I found your site, Ed. May you enjoy great success.

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