Nantz: More focus should be on No. 1, McIlroy, instead of No. 111, Woods

An excerpt from my Tribune column:


CBS booked Jim Nantz for an hour of radio interviews the day before the opening round of the PGA Championship last August. While he expected the perfunctoryTiger Woods questions, Nantz thought he also would be asked about Rory McIlroy, who was on fire after winning previous two starts including the British Open.

“Guess how many questions I got asked about Rory in that hour?” said the veteran CBS lead golf announcer. “Zero. His name never came up. It was all about Tiger. As a journalist, how do you justify that?”

Nantz says the example shows that many members of the media, not to mention golf fans, are missing the point. As he covers his 30th Masters, he thinks it’s time for everyone to pay more attention to the No. 1 player in the world, McIlroy, instead of No. 111, Woods.

Nantz stressed he isn’t trying to put down Woods. He knows he will be a big focus as he tries to restart his derailed game at Augusta National. However, Nantz wants McIlroy to receive his proper due in his bid to win his third straight major and complete the career Grand Slam before the age of 26.

“There are people in the media who still are wrapping the game entirely around Tiger Woods,” Nantz said. “Rightfully, Tiger has gotten a lot of attention through the years. But the truth is, Rory has won four majors (since 2011) and Tiger hasn’t won a major in seven years. Are we accurately covering the story? In terms of who is at the top of the game, that has not been accurately reflected in the broad scope of the media.”


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