NBC Sports Network anxious about NHL labor situation; league releases national TV schedule

The NHL released its national TV schedule today. Unfortunately, several of the early games may never get played.

Needless to say the folks at the NBC Sports Network are concerned about the labor situation. At this point, the prospects look bleak for the season starting on time.

A prolonged dispute could leave the NBC Sports Network with some huge holes in the schedule beginning in October.

“I’m not a big Twitter follower, but I do follow the NHL on Twitter to find out as much as I can about the situation,” said NBC Sports Network President Jon Miller. “It’s very important for us for the two sides to come together and for the season to start on time. The NHL is our most important property. To not have a start of the season would be tough on us.

“It’s not for us to get in the middle here. These two sides have to work out their differences.”

Miller said the network is examining contingency programming.

“There are a lot of things we’re looking at,” Miller said. “We’re having conversations with groups. We’re looking in-house. You never know. It’s a hard position to be in.”



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