New 30 for 30: San Francisco quake stops ’89 World Series

There are certain events in which television makes it a shared experience for the entire country. The 1989 San Francisco earthquake is one of them.

What promised to be an evening of World Series baseball turned a night of watching a great city deal with an unthinkable emergency. It was one of those TV moments you’ll never forget.

The latest 30 for 30 documents it all in “The Day The Series Stopped” (tonight, 10 p.m. ET, ESPN). Watching the film will have you relive that remarkable night.

Here is the trailer.

Below is an incredible interview with a Candlestick Park worker who found himself clinging to a swinging light tower when the quake hit.

Below is a scene where the shocked players, still in uniform, aren’t sure what to do.

One thought on “New 30 for 30: San Francisco quake stops ’89 World Series

  1. Can’t wait to watch. I was working at the Chicago Tribune the night of the game and we were all gathered around the TV in the old sports department. What a night.

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