New ESPN edict: Don’t disturb the Bill Simmons

The latest Bill Simmons flap almost seemed like a fight between two brothers.

After Mike Golic’s comments about him, Simmons went on Twitter and basically said, “MOM, did you hear what Mikey said about me?”

If you haven’t heard, here’s Awful Announcing’s recap of Simmons’ Twitter explosion against Golic and ESPN.

And here is the follow-up this morning by Chris Chase of USA Today of how the latest feud has been resolved.

Richard Deitsch of weighed in with some interpretation from ESPN book author James Andrew Miller.

I am fairly certain that the ESPN honchos have issued an edict prohibiting any of their personalities from talking about Simmons. They don’t want to risk the man with tissue-paper thick skin going off on Twitter again.

ESPN has a major problem on its hands in trying to control Simmons, who clearly is fuming about the way the network is treating him. However, here is some advice to Simmons: Next time you get mad, stay away from Twitter. You aren’t helping your cause with these rants.

I still say Bill Simmons needs ESPN more than the network needs him.




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