New York Daily News headline: ‘Mike & The Mad Fraud’

The New York Daily News had their take on Mike Francesa’s interview with ARod.

Bob Raissman also wasn’t impressed with the interview.

“I’ve been supporting your side of the story here, not on the evidence whether you’ve done it of not, because I have no idea,” Francesa said. “I thought the other stuff (charges) was a clear witch hunt. You have been discredited and it’s been outrageous. That I saw with my own eyes.”

Now, the YES camera was not on A-Rod. He probably was smiling. He had landed on the marshmallow Francesa provided, a feather bed befitting a featherweight interview. The Pope had to be laughing inside. His “kindness” wound up getting him access to a biggie, one that produced ratings and drove the competition a bit nuts.



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