NFL backs off: No fine for Marshawn Lynch’s media charade; expect copycats

It would have been tricky for the NFL to impose a fine on Marshawn Lynch. Technically, he did make himself available to the media during the Super Bowl.

Still, the NFL could have imposed a fine on Lynch because he is expected to do more than say “I’m just here so I won’t get fine.” He definitely violated the spirit of the media rule.

If the fine got overturned, so be it. At least, the NFL made a statement.

The NFL, though, decided to do nothing. From Josh Alper of Pro Football Talk:

NFL spokesman Michael Signora sent an email to PFT explaining that Lynch would not be fined for any reason.

“Marshawn Lynch complied with his obligation to attend all required media sessions at the Super Bowl. In addition, there is no basis for a fine for the hat he wore at the media sessions, which was made by and given to him by an NFL licensee, New Era, and was in team colors,” Signora wrote.

Here’s the problem. Lynch received considerable attention by not talking to the media. As a result, you’re going to see more Marshawn Lynchs in the NFL and other sports.

In fact, it already is happening. Nick Schwartz of USA Today has this excerpt of a Boston radio intervew with Red Sox outfielder Jackie Bradley Jr.

“I’m going to go all Marshawn Lynch this year…. I just focus on me. I have to do what I’ve got to do. I don’t even talk about it to anybody. Action speaks louder than words, and that’s pretty much this whole year is going to be. I won’t have much to say. I’m just going to go out there and take care of business.”

However, as Schwartz notes, Bradley hit .198 last year. Fans might not care what he has to say.



4 thoughts on “NFL backs off: No fine for Marshawn Lynch’s media charade; expect copycats

  1. Since commish ducked out of his obligatory media session–pregame interview with Supe Bowl carrier–woulda been highly hypocritical to discipline or fine a player for doing same/similar

  2. I doubt you actually have something interesting to say so I won’t suggest that you might get to it now this is over, but a journalist must have something better to do than try to get a guy fined becuase he doesn’t like speaking to the media. Maybe you should find a mirror and see why he doesn’t like the media.

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