No discussion? First Take wimps out by not talking more about Stephen A controversy

From a show that prides itself on being raw and edgy, First Take went surprisingly silent when the controversy involved one of their own.

Monday, Stephen A. Smith offered his apology for his incredibly stupid views on domestic violence during Friday’s show.

Then after Cari Champion weighed in, the show kicked off as if it was a normal Monday in Bristol: Talk about LeBron choosing No. 23 for his new jersey in Cleveland.

Really? Shouldn’t there have been a further examination of what Stephen A. experienced on Friday? Perhaps more talk on why this is such a hot button issue. I have a feeling Skip Bayless was aching to weigh in. I imagine that pre-show meeting was fairly intense.

Nope. ESPN just wants this all to go away. The network issued a statement shortly after Smith’s apology.

“We will continue to have constructive dialogue on this important topic. Stephen’s comments last Friday do not reflect our company’s point of view. As his apology demonstrates, he recognizes his mistakes and has a deeper appreciation of our company values.”

Oh, I’m sure when your career flashes before your eyes, you get a deeper appreciation of company values.




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