Not the best: Barkley wrong about NBA All-Star game

For starters, happy big 5-0 to Charles Barkley. As in basketball, you’re getting overshadowed by Michael Jordan again.

Barkley, though, has become one of America’s most lovable characters thanks to his antics on TNT. Tonight he will be part of the network’s coverage of the NBA All-Star game.

Recently, Barkley pronounced the basketball’s version to be sports’ best All-Star game.

“This All-Star Game is always fun because out of all the all-star games in sports, the baseball game is not that much fun, the Pro Bowl is not that much fun — you can’t play football for fake — but we do a great job of celebrating the NBA history,” Barkley said. “You walk around and you see the great Bill Russell and you’ll see Moses (Malone), you’ll see Doc (Julius Erving), you’ll see Oscar (Robertson), you see Jerry West. It is a really cool weekend.”

Barkley is right about the NBA rolling out its old stars. And it does seem like a great party if you are there.

But the game itself? No.

The closest All-Star game that resembles an actual game is in baseball. Regardless of how long the starters play, the pitchers still throw hard, setting up the confrontations with the batters, which are the core of the game. It’s still interesting to see Verlander vs. Posey, Halladay vs. Cabrera, etc..

In the basketball version, the defense is so non-existent, it’s as if the offensive players are facing batting practice pitching. There’s nothing exciting about watching BP for 2 1/2 hours.

Just once, it would be great to see an All-Star game where there was a prize that forced the players to go hard. Given the money those guys make, you’re probably talking about a pool of $100 million just to get them interested.

But if the players went all out, East vs. West, that would be a game worth watching.



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