You can go home again: Olbermann to host occasional SportsCenter; show moves to afternoons

Keith Olbermann broke the news last night (below) that Olbermann will be shifting to 5 p.m. ET beginning on Sept. 8.

While I will miss his show in the evenings, when I tend to watch most of my TV, the shift makes sense. Too often Olbermann has been plagued by inconsistent start times due to various live events running long on ESPN2. Now he will be in a regular slot.

The show also will go from an hour to 30 minutes. Again, another good move. He won’t have as many highlights with the show airing in the afternoon. Also, I believe all sports studio programs work better in a condensed format.

Also as part of this shift, Outside The Lines will air after Olbermann at 5:30 ET. The combination of Olbermann and Bob Ley gives ESPN2 a pretty formidable 1-2 punch during that hour.

And finally, the move frees up Olbermann to return to his old stomping grounds on SportsCenter. The network said he will have occasional host duties around major news and events throughout the year.

All in all, Olbermann proves you can go home again.



4 thoughts on “You can go home again: Olbermann to host occasional SportsCenter; show moves to afternoons

  1. Leaving out Keith’s tendency to burn his bridges and his political opinions which sometimes intrude into his sports work, there is no better sports anchor on TV today…period.

    His writing, delivery and wit are simply brilliant.

    • There’s no way you’re serious! ! Olbermann hasn’t had an original idea ever!! He spits out anything that might gain him attention from you! His ideas and beliefs are determined by what he thinks will get him reviews and possibly noticed by anyone! His sports reporting is pathetic and lacks any imagination! !!

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