One show I never will watch: TMZ to do program on sports for Fox Sports 1

TMZ SportsI HATE all things TMZ. I am repulsed by everything they do. Even their so-called scoops in the Donald Sterling and Ray Rice stories were nothing more than money grabs by someone looking to turn over videos for a quick buck.

So no, I won’t be watching TMZ’s new show on Fox Sports 1.

From Matt Yoder at Awful Announcing:

ESPN announced on Friday it was shutting down Grantland.  The widely-respected home of some of the best sports and pop culture writing on the web was given the axe by Bristol.

Within the blink of an eye, TMZ proudly announced that TMZ Sports would be coming to FS1.  TMZ Sports will air every weeknight on FS1 at midnight (12:30 AM after Garbage Time on Wednesdays) bringing the gossip site into the mainstream sports world.

What does it say about our universe that the home to Wesley Morris, Charlie Pierce, Jonah Keri, Bill Barnwell, Molly Lambert, David Shoemaker, Bill Simmons, Rembert Browne, Brian Phillips, and so many other talented writers has to be given its last rites while the site that produces articles such as “KC ROYALS POPPIN BOTTLES & GOGGLES AFTER WORLD SERIES WIN” and “HOUSTON TEXANS CHEERLEADERS HALLOWEEN TURN UP SEXY COSTUME DANCE PARTY” gets its own national television platform.  I’m not even sure that last headline is from the English language, it’s just a bunch of random words combined for SEO purposes in the hopes that college freshman around America will find it on Google.

Who wants to read 1,000 words of compelling storytelling when you can read 100 words about Gary Player’s sex life, right?


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