Oops: Paul Finebaum realizes he wasn’t supposed to reveal Heisman vote in interview with Olbermann

After Paul Finebaum said he selected Jameis Winston, he realized he violated the Heisman Trust’s edict for voters not to disclose their selections.

“By the way, I just did something that will excommunicate me,” he said.

The mandate, though, does present a problem for sports talk radio hosts and TV analysts, of which Finebaum is both. How are they not supposed to talk about their choices in the week leading up to the announcement, especially when they are on the air for several hours per day?

For instance, I heard Chris Russo, who also is a Heisman voter, reveal his ballot the other day on Mad Dog Radio. He is voting for Winston.

Will be interesting to see what kind of response Finebaum and Russo receive from the Heisman folks.


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