Packers 55, Bears 14: Don’t say you weren’t warned America, NBC SNF

You know it is bad when Al Michaels and Cris Collinsworth are thanking the one viewer who stuck with last night’s disaster, and hoping the person has a Nielsen box.

Green Bay’s 55-14 victory over the Bears had the feel of an August preseason game. The Packers pulled Aaron Rodgers in the third quarter, much to the disappointment of his fantasy owners who were hoping for 10 TDs.

Too bad for the Bears, the game counted. We’re at Defcon 1 in Chicago in terms of Bears fans waiting for the team to drop the ax on Marc Trestman. The Chicago Tribune’s sports front and Redeye edition summed up everyone’s frustration.

The blowout continued a perplexing streak for NBC’s Sunday night crew. This is getting ridiculous.

Take a look at this run on Sunday night:

Sept. 21: Pittsburgh 37, Carolina 19.

Sept. 28: Dallas 38, New Orleans 17.

Oct. 5: New England 43, Cincinnati 17.

Oct. 12: Philadelphia 27, Giants 0.

Oct. 19: Denver 42, San Francisco 17.

Oct. 26:  New Orleans 44, Green Bay 23.

Nov. 2: Pittsburgh 43, Baltimore 23.

Nov. 9: Green Bay 55, Bears 14.

The average margin of victory in those eight games: 23.5 points.

Next week, NBC has New England at Indianapolis on Sunday night. Tom Brady vs. Andrew Luck should be a great game.

Then again, given the way their season is going, Michaels and Collinsworth should have plenty of blowout material on hand.




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