Peter Kostis won’t be at PGA Championship; recovery “going well” from colon cancer

The bad news is that Peter Kostis won’t be part of CBS and TNT’s coverage of the PGA Championship this week. The good news is that his recovery is “going well” from surgery for colon cancer in June, according to CBS Sports chairman Sean McManus.

Kostis, not wanting to miss a major, had hoped to be back for the PGA. However, McManus said he isn’t ready just yet.

“We’re going to miss him. He’s an important part of our coverage,” McManus said. “But as I said to Peter numerous times: ‘There will be other PGA Championships. The important thing is for you to get healthy and whole so you can continue your career at CBS Sports.’

“He will be back soon. All systems look like they are going in a positive direction.”

When Kostis went public with his condition, he issued a statement that included this sound advice:

“I am currently home recovering from successful surgery for colon cancer. It was detected early during a regular physical and colonoscopy. My great team of doctors in Phoenix will be putting me through preventative chemotherapy. Because of early detection the prognosis for a full recovery is excellent. I had zero symptoms or family history. I urge everyone, if you are over 50 get a regular colonoscopy exam whether you think you need one or not.”

Definitely a good idea if you fall in that category.




One thought on “Peter Kostis won’t be at PGA Championship; recovery “going well” from colon cancer

  1. Peter:

    So sorry to hear about your bout with Colon Cancer. It sounds like they caught it early and you’ll be fine, which is AWESOME! I haven’t seen you on the recent CBS telecasts so I googled you and found out why you’ve been absent. Good luck with the Chemo, you’ll be in my prayers. All the Best, Mike.

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