Pure baseball: Networks need to embrace Royals more next year

Royals logoWasn’t that fun to watch?

The Royals showed that baseball, executed in its purest form, can be a thing of beauty. It was quite a display: Putting the ball in play; moving runners over; taking the extra base; making the plays on defense; and a lights-out bullpen.

The Royals might not have a player you would take in the first three rounds of a fantasy draft, but the sum of their parts left no doubt they were the best team in baseball.

Now hopefully,after back-to-back World Series appearances, plus a title, the networks will pick up more on the Royals story next year. Despite having the best record in the American League, they still didn’t come close to matching the Yankees, Dodgers, Cardinals, and even the bumbling Red Sox when it came to national TV appearances in 2015. ESPN’s “Sunday Night Baseball” would show 26 straight Yankees-Red Sox games if it could.

The small-market excuse has to be dismissed since the Royals’ Missouri cousins, the Cardinals, get their fair share of national coverage. St. Louis, though, has built its brand by being a consistent winner.

Maybe now that will happen with the Royals. One year might be considered a fluke. Two years definitely is a trend.

The Royals deserve the spotlight. And not just in October.


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