Put it on Board: Hawk Harrelson to be featured in new MLB Network documentary

I know Ken “Hawk” Harrelson can be a polarizing figure, but there’s no disputing that he has had an interesting career in baseball. Check that, an interesting life, period.

It all will examined in a new MLB Network documentary, The Colorful Life of Ken Harrelson. Narrated by Bob Costas, it debuts Thursday, July 18 at 6:30 p.m. (ET).

Besides a very colorful baseball career as a player, broadcaster and even general manager, Harrelson played pro golf (missed the cut by a stroke in 1972 British Open), and even dabbled in boxing. On the documentary, he talks about an encounter with Rocky Marciano, who told Hawk just a few days before he died about how he wanted to promote a boxing match between Hawk and Sonny Liston.

There’s some great throwback footage included in the show, including an old Yellow Pages ad Hawk filmed on a golf course and a “Who’s On First?” bit he filmed with Cleveland Indians teammate Sam McDowell.

Given that Harrelson is the subject, you can be sure it won’t be dull.

Stay tuned. More details to come.



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