Readers reply: Fox college football ad is ‘shockingly bad’; stereotypes women

Yesterday, I asked readers to weigh in on new ad for college football on Fox. It portrays “a football widow” lamenting that her husband lies on the couch all day on Saturday watching endless games on Fox.

The notion of the long-suffering football widow seems about as dated as Don Draper’s three martini lunch.

The ad has been criticized as being sexist and cliché. It fails to take into account that women are watching football, college and pro, more than ever.

Also, there has been a glut of college football on Saturday on something called ESPN long before Fox decided to dive in. This is not a new development.

It seems most people agree, judging on some of the responses I received.

Yet despite some of the uproar, Fox could argue the ad is a success. By Friday morning, it had more than 236,000 views on youtube.

2 thoughts on “Readers reply: Fox college football ad is ‘shockingly bad’; stereotypes women

  1. Very well done ad. Particularly with the doggie. If you believe this ad is “sexist” I have one suggestion for you — get a sense of humor.

  2. No, it’s not very well done. I am not offended as a guy or as a fan or as someone who needs a sense of humor. I am offended as someone who used to work in advertising.

    This is intellectually and creatively bankrupt. It’s poorly-conceived, badly-executed and, obviously, poorly received.

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