Readers respond: I am ‘moron’ for bemoaning lack of star power in postseason; Cardinals-Giants good series

Earlier this week I did a post saying I’m hardly pumped up for another dose of Cardinals-Giants in the NLCS. I also bemoaned the fact that young stars like Mike Trout, Clayton Kershaw, Bryce Harper, and Stephen Strasburg made a quick exit from the postseason stage. I said baseball could use the star power they would have provided on the big stage.

Well, I have heard from more than a few readers who disagreed with my assessment. Here’s a sample:

Ziggy: Okay, Ed Sherman is a complete moron. Among the reasons baseball is in fact dying is because it’s covered by morons like Ed Sherman. Star power drives baseball? Star power drives ratings, not baseball. Morons in the media who do not know how to frame a story are killing baseball. Maybe they’re bitter about having to shack up for a few days in backwaters like St. Louis, KC or Baltimore. Maybe they think the top storylines for teams like the Cardinals and Giants have been raked to death. Here’s an idea – do some homework and find something original.

Listening to morons in the media whine about small market teams in the playoffs is among the annual rituals that debase the sport. Among its many issues is the fact that baseball has a serious media problem, not a “star problem.”

If baseball can’t survive broadcasting small market teams in the post-season, then divvy up the stars and move every team to a coast.

Alternatively, baseball could quietly seek out pros like those of yore like Red Smith who were far less provincial and small minded to cover their sport. That would be a big step forward.


Matt: Well then you’re what I like to call a cliche baseball fan. You probably complain games are too long too. If you can’t appreciate a team thst hasn’t been in the playoffs since 1985, and another team who hasn’t been in the ALCS since 1997, then you just don’t truly appreciate baseball. You must be the guy that picks all the nationally televised games and always picks Yankees, Red Sox, Dodgers, Tigers. No star power?? I guess Nelson Cruz and Adam Jones aren’t stars. I guess seeing the KC bullpen be ridiculously electric isn’t exciting. This is why baseball is such a great game because anything can happen and it’s not played on paper. It’s boring to see the teams with the highest payroll run away with it every year.


Lindsay: If all you watch a sport for is star power, then you don’t understand the meaning of sports.


Mark (A White Sox fan): It could be worse…a LOT worse…we could be getting another dose of all Yankees, all Red Sox all the time. So personally I’m not complaining.

The Cardinals (not the Yankees) are the model franchise for MLB (and the fact that they happen to be in the same division as the Cubs and continually beat on them bothers me not a wit! LOL)


HCBerk: More complaining from a Cubs fan; Cardinal fans are all over the country. Yankee and Red Sox fans are in the Northeast and that is it!

Note to HCBerk: You can call me a lot of things, but this die-hard White Sox fans is most definitely not a Cubs fan.


David: Never understood how the San Francisco Bay Area is not considered a Big Market. 7 million people folks. 13 Million in Northern California. Why Strasburg? Bumgarner is younger, better, more accomplished, and can actually pitch past the 7th inning (I think Strasburg only accomplished that 2-3 times in his career!). No Star Power? Posey. Put aside his accomplishments. He’s #2 in MLB Jersey sales behind Jeter. Yeah…He’s popular. Harper??? He had a good NLDS but lets not anoint him of anything more than a guy who hit 13 HR in regular season, batted .270 and bats SIXTH in the lineup. He’s still just potential and name value.


Chris V.: Shame you’re clearly not a fan of the game. I’d be watching the NLCS regardless of the Cards – because I love the GAME.


Thanks for all the notes, everyone. Despite what you said, I’m still not excited. But I’ll watch anyway.



One thought on “Readers respond: I am ‘moron’ for bemoaning lack of star power in postseason; Cardinals-Giants good series

  1. Comment to HCBerk:

    You may not know this but Ed Sherman has been a big White Sox fan for years. He’s even publicly said as much and been on TV shows (Chicago Tribune Live on Comcast Sports Chicago) saying the same thing.

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