Reporter to Lynch: ‘Why do you have to be a jerk to all of us?’

Bryan Curtis of Grantland has an interesting perspective of the Marshawn Lynch media tussle at the Super Bowl.

Curtis writes about the absurdity of the situation. The media is upset with Lynch because he won’t talk. However, if he does talk, he isn’t likely to say anything.

Then again, there are a lot of things that are absurd in life. It doesn’t excuse Lynch from acting like a complete jerk.

Thank you, Howard Eskin. From Curtis’ story:

Marshawn Lynch had just finished his daily press conference, and Howard Eskin’s face was the color of the stone formations at Red Rock State Park.

Eskin is a handsome, Hans Gruberesque guy who does TV and sports radio in Philadelphia. He had been — to use a phrase slung around the media rooms in Phoenix this week — just doing his job. Eskin squeezed his way past reporters and got close to Lynch. He asked a question. OK, it wasn’t anice question. Or a question that was meant to solicit an answer.

“Marshawn,” Eskin said, “why do you have to be a jerk to all of us?”

“You know why I’m here,” Lynch said.

“It’s not hard to answer a question …” Eskin told me after Wednesday’s presser. “What’s so hard to talk about what it means to be here the second straight year?”

And at the Super Bowl, no less. “The biggest game of the year!” Eskin continued. “He makes the NFL a charade. I hope they fine him for the hat, because they can’t fine him for the other things.”


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