Rome addresses Stern interview: Thought it was a softball question

Interesting day for Jim Rome. From CBS Sports Network:

On tonight’s episode of ROME on CBS Sports Network, Jim Rome addressed his radio interview with NBA Commissioner David Stern from earlier today.

(ROME ON HIS RELATIONSHIP WITH STERN): I’ve done interviews with David Stern several times over the years. We’ve always had a very good relationship. It’s been kind of a contentious give-and-take at times, but always a fundamental level of respect. I did not expect that to go that way and that was certainly not my intent.

(ROME ON STERN’S RESPONSE): It was a rhetorical device. A lot of people don’t know that phrase (‘Have you stopped beating your wife yet?’). They didn’t know where he was going. I understood it. I didn’t take great offense to it. I didn’t agree with it. But the fact of the matter is I thought my question was direct and it was not a loaded question. So I thought that analogy was inappropriate. My point is, I don’t think that it’s fixed (the NBA Draft). Even after that conversation, I don’t think that it’s fixed. But I thought the question was fair.

(ROME ON ASKING THE QUESTION): I was not looking to start anything. I thought it was a soft ball question, to be honest. I thought it was an easy question. I thought he’d say, ‘Come on, are you kidding? Conspiracy theories? The only people who believe that are whack jobs and people that are out of hand.’

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