Rovell moving his tweets to ESPN; good move for network

Update: Darren Rovell just made it official. Via Twitter, of course.

@darrenrovell I’m thrilled to have reached an agreement in principle with ESPN. No matter how others bash it, Bristol is truly a magical place.


@darrenrovell  I will also be doing regular business reporting for ABC News, where I will definitely be covering the food & drink biz.



Ken Fang of had this tweet this morning:

fangsbites I think this is the longest @darrenrovell has gone without tweeting asides from his personal “Tweetcation” two years ago

Indeed, the master tweeter was quiet about the big news in sports media last night. Rovell is leaving CNBC and his show, Sports Biz: Game On, at the NBC Sports Network to join ESPN and ABC News.

It is an interesting move by Rovell. His star rose at CNBC, and he takes great pride in what he’s doing on his weekly NBC Sports Network show.

Yet the hire makes complete sense for ESPN. Rovell, who actually started at ESPN, has made himself into the top sports business reporter on TV. He has an energy and an ability to articulate all the nuances of the various money aspects. If you’re a network that covers only sports, you need Rovell back on your team.

It will be interesting to see what platforms ESPN gives Rovell. Reportedly, he also will be featured on ABC News and Nightline. Along with television, expect him to have a definite presence on

And Rovell definitely will be tweeting. It’s hard to think of another person who has built his brand more through Twitter. Rovell has generated more than 218,000 followers thanks to more than 30,000 tweets.

Rovell uses the medium to dish out content, insights and often entertaining observations. He will be looking to increase his followers with his move.

After all, 218,000 followers is nothing for a personality at ESPN. NFL reporter Adam Schefter has 1.6 million.




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