Sean Connery’s son directing film based on excellent ‘Tommy Honour’ book

Tommy's HonourKeith Bank is living out a different type of dream about golf.

Bank, an avid golfer who runs a venture capital business in Highland Park, currently is in Scotland for the filming of  “Tommy’s Honour.” He is the executive producer of the film about golf’s founding fathers, Old Tom Morris and his son, Young Tom Morris.

“It really is almost like living a dream,” Bank said. “You look at the footage every day, and it’s just radiant. These shots of golf are beautiful against the landscape. You walk around the set and everything feels like the 1860s.”

Bank said he initially had no interest in being part of the project that is based on the bestselling book by Kevin Cook. However, after reading the book and then the screenplay, Bank was hooked.

The story, set in St. Andrews, shows how Old Tom Morris reshaped the famed Old Course and started many of the game’s traditions, including a round being 18 holes and founding the first British Open, which he won four times. However, Young Tom Morris soon eclipsed his father, becoming golf’s first superstar. The film focuses on their complicated relationship that ended with the tragic death of Young Tom at the age of 24.

“People know about James Naismith and basketball, but golfers don’t know where the game and the traditions really came from,” Bank said. “We’re going to delve into a lot of those things. But the film is a lot more than golf. There are a lot of universal themes; a class struggle, a love story, the father-son relationship.”

The film is directed by Jason Connery, the son of Sean Connery. Connery grew up on a golf course in Scotland.

“Jason understands the game and he is passionate about this project,” Bank said. “He has studied up on the history and I think this is going to be an authentic story for people to see.”

Bank said he expects the film will debut in North America in the late summer, early fall of 2016.

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