Shannon Sharpe goes off again on Belichick: Clay Matthews to be part of CBS’ Super Bowl coverage

During a teleconference today, Shannon Sharpe was asked about ripping Bill Belichick Sunday for not speaking to CBS following New England’s defeat (video below). Initially, I thought Sharpe might not answer the question from SI’s Richard Deitsch.

“At this juncture, it’s a non-issue,” Sharpe said. “I said what I said.”

Thankfully, without any prodding, Sharpe quickly came out for an encore.

“The reason why I said it, you’ve seen over 12 years, five times the Patriots have been victorious. We saw (losing coaches) Tony Dungy, Rex Ryan twice (speak to CBS). John Harbaugh, after Lee Evans dropped a pass that would have sent them to the Super Bowl, he came outside the locker room and spoke to our Steve Tasker.

“What does Bill Belichick and the Patriots organization do? They send out Devin McCourty. Outside of New England, who knows Devin McCourty (he’s a DB, if you didn’t know)? They don’t give us Tom Brady or Vince Wolfork.

“I know it’s tough. We’ve been in this business a long time. (Sharpe’s CBS colleague Bill Cowher) went through it twice. When you lose, it’s always tough. As I said, it’s about being gracious in defeat. It’s part of the obligation of being a head coach in the NFL.

“I said what I said. I haven’t had any of my bosses tell me I’m out of line. If I see something I feel is wrong, I’m going to say it.”

Yes, he did. You’re probably cheering if you think Belichick is an arrogant jerk.

Meanwhile, Sharpe likely gave some bulletin board material to McCourty.


CBS has added Clay Matthews to its Super Bowl roster. I have a feeling Jay Cutler won’t be tuning in. Matthews can record three sacks just thinking about the Bears QB.

CBS Sports President Sean McManus said Matthews is so excited about the opportunity, he is going to buy a new suit for the occasion.

To be announced later: McManus said another current player will join Matthews. Perhaps Devin McCourty?





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