Silliness continues: Katherine Webb appears on Today Show; says apology wasn’t necessary

C’mon Matt Lauer. How can you have Katherine Webb on the Today Show and not ask her about Barack Obama’s handling of the fiscal cliff?

OK, OK. Here’s the video of Webb saying ESPN didn’t need to apologize for Brent Musburger’s comments about her Monday. She was flattered, she said.

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And here’s the likely reason why ESPN felt compelled to issue an apology. The New York Times did a story quoting people who were critical of Musburger. It includes this passage:

Almost immediately, Webb’s name began trending on Twitter and her account added nearly 100,000 followers within hours, including athletes like LeBron James. Meanwhile, Musburger’s comments, which some saw as harmless fun, struck other observers as off-putting.

“It’s extraordinarily inappropriate to focus on an individual’s looks,” said Sue Carter, a professor of journalism at Michigan State. “In this instance, the appearance of the quarterback’s girlfriend had no bearing on the outcome of the game. It’s a major personal violation, and it’s so retrograde that it’s embarrassing. I think there’s a generational issue, but it’s incumbent on people practicing in these eras to keep up and this is not a norm.”

It’s official: Even though it is only Jan. 9, this looks to be a solid leader for the most overblown story of the year.

Move on, everybody.


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